Marketing – Collecting Email Addresses

​Marketing - Collecting Email Addresses

Collecting Email Addresses

Collecting Email Addresses

One of the most important aspects  of success in marketing is collecting email addresses. It has been shown in many different studies over the years that people will often come to your website looking for information on your program. Then something happens, they get distracted and they are gone for good. Therefore it becomes essential to not let someone leave with giving you contact information. At the very least a name and email address.

How we do do this? You get them to opt into what is called an autoresponder. This service will allow to not only capture this information, and more, but keep in contact with them! Sending a friendly reminder, or a promotion until they tell you to stop.

Over the years I have used a few different serviced to accomplish this. I have found that for great price and easy of use aWeber is the best choice!

Here is a short video that explains their service. I still use them today.

​Below is a link that you can use to learn more and start a 30 Day trail with them. This is how I started! 

​If you have any questions about this service, or need help with setup, or composing emails leave me a comment below! You can also contact me at

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Grand Master Art Mason

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