Marketing – Website Hosting Accounts

​Marketing - Website Hosting Accounts

Website Hosting Accounts

Website Hosting Accounts

One of the most important parts of Marketing is a Website Hosting accounts. This is the place you must begin. Without a good host setting up your website can be difficult and time consuming. Having a third party do the work is expensive and causes you to loos​e control. But there are some great do it yourself serviced available. 

Free Sites are a bad idea! You need to look professional! When a site is free it looks free. Hosting is not that expensive but is well worth the investment. The same with having your own domain! And you can register a domain right with your Hosting Account.

I use 2 different hosts. One is Canada that is private, the other is GoDaddy. However I will be leaving GoDaddy soon as I am not happy with their service anymore. They were once outstanding! I will however suggest HostGator. This is likely where I will be transferring my business too! This is a great place to get started, they get good reviews! And the prices are decent! You can sign up for an account from the button below!

​These sites also have different website creation tools you can use. I will on another page make suggestion for upgrading from the hosts free or paid site creation tools to others.

Thank is all for now!

​Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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