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After hosting it is time to look at potential Website Software. The host will often offer some software online to construct your own site with them. While the software is easy to use it is often not very flexible. This is why I prefer to install my own from the beginning. Over the years I have used many different ones, however my favorite is WordPress. WordPress powers this site. And best of all WordPress is FREE.

Now the software in not hard to install. Quite often the host will provide an install program to it for you. It is usually called installatron and runs pretty seamlessly. The think I like most about WordPress is how configurable it is, with many amazing plugins available to add features and ease of use. I will get into some of those at a later date, Many are free, some due require payments and subscriptions. However these are all high end options.

Here is a link to WordPress to read about their platform. WordPress is what is referred to as "content management.​"

​One of the other advantages is there are many tutorials online to help you get ideas and make your website ROCK. Below is a really good video to do so, it is long but worth the watch! 

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