​Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

​Welcome to your Marketing Tools page. In this section we are going to discuss and link to some of the things you will need to successfully promote you Kyusho Jitsu Study Group or your school. These tool can actually be used in any business project! These recommendations are products or services I have personally used over the years with great success. I will not recommend something I have never tried! Take a look at this short video to learn more.


The place we begin is with your website. Today a website with a registered domain name that reflects your school is a MUST. Now the website I am talking about is not for your students, or to talk about your history. It is a purely marketing website with the intent of making your phone ring, or having people give you at least a name and email address so you can carry on the conversation your site began. This is the minimum response you want to happen!.

Today convention methods are long dead. I stopped using the Yellow Pages in 2005. My school is not even listed in the white pages. why? Because unless it is free there is little point. People use their phones to search everything. So you need a pointed website, outlining the benefits of your program with a call to action to pickup a phone, or at the very least leave you contact information.

So now we will look at the different options available for website building and hosting. Don't worry, it is much easier than you might think!

​Step One  
Hosting Accounts

​Step Two
Website Software

​Step Three  
Email Marketing

​Step Four - Coming Soon

​Step Five - Coming Soon

​Step Six - Coming Soon